Men’s Vintage Fashion – Some Great Items To Get You Started

kansas stateWe have some excellent men’s vintage clothes available from our website at Harper & Lewis that will help you source a variety of authentic vintage outfits for your wardrobe.  We have a  fantastic range of USA sweats; an indie fashion icon defined by simplicity and minimalism, they are amazingly adaptable to any outfit and they look great when worn as part of an “oversize look” (the latest and greatest trend within men’s fashion).

  We also have plenty of authentic Lee, Wrangler and Levi denim jackets here at Harper & Lewis, the undisputed king of men’s vintage fashion. They look so effortlessly stylish when combined with a hoodie, USA Sweat or a checked shirt  because they achieve that “everyday” look that ensures you are comfortable, warm and stylish. Head over to our website and asos e-boutique to check out a full range of eclectic men’s vintage fashion clothing for the best price around, you heard it here first! Harper & Lewis Vintage Clothing - Buy Harper & Lewis Vintage Clothing Online Here



We’re expanding our range on Asos – Check out our brand new e-boutique

Our activities on asos marketplace here at Harper & Lewis have gone from strength to strength. With over 600 products currently published, and many more hand picked vintage items being added everyday, it means there’ll always be an excuse to visit our brand new e-boutique again, just incase you come across that certain gem that isn’t available anywhere else on the high street. After all, it is nice not to have to worry about wearing the same thing as somebody else.

   Why is it important you ask? Well expanding our operations and relaunching as an asos boutique is another step towards what’s at the very heart of our mission statement at Harper & Lewis; to provide a full range of eclectic unique vintage items for the best price out there, thanks to all those that have helped us work towards this so far, now go take a look!Harper & Lewis Vintage Clothing - Buy Harper & Lewis Vintage Clothing Online Here

Vintage Denim Jackets – Back, but this time with a bit of a twist

The almighty denim jacket, what can be said about this perennial fashion titan? They have just refused to fadeaway since first trending as an essential item of ones wardrobe in first half of the 20th century, it’d be almost rude to consign them to the bracket of vintage fashion, apart from, of course for the fact that an aged denim jacket is a better denim jacket, period. The look and style of aged denim with its softened tones and  faded patchwork of colours breathes a tangible amount of character and style into it that just completes the look.

Authentic vintage denim is therefor back at Harper & Lewis! This time with a bit of a twist on the classic with fleeced, plaid, striped and aztec interiors and collars that bring something new, refreshing and unique to this fashion classic. Oh and did I mention they are great for keeping you both WARM and STYLISH, both of which we think are pretty essential, after all who said you can’t be both?Harper & Lewis Vintage Clothing - Buy Harper & Lewis Vintage Clothing Online Here

Vintage Check Shirts


I LOVE a check shirt, you can wear them anytime of year and they looks so effortless. Team them up with pretty much anything – leggings, shorts, skirts, skinnies or simply wear a long shirt as a dress! We have so many fab vintage check shirts to get online for you all. Although we do already have around 100 shirts online for men – Aztec, plaid, check, striped, quilted – you name it we’ve got it! 

Did I mention shirts are great for a ‘fat day’? Urgh when Christmas has your belly bursting at the seams, a nice vintage check shirt will hide it all away whilst still looking cowboy chic 😉



Vintage Inspired Classic Jackets & Coats



We have a great selection of men’s and women’s jackets at Harper & Lewis Vintage. You wont see everything on our ASOS store as we like to keep some gems just for our own website. Such as the Harrington, anoraks and parkas from POP Boutique Vintage. 

What you will find all over our stores, websites and ASOS Marketplace is the ultimate fashion piece – The Vintage F2 Camo Jacket. Harper & Lewis F2 Camo Jackets are no longer produced around the world. This jacket is highly saught after so make sure you don’t miss out on this staple wardrobe piece! Get Free UK Delivery when you purchase an F2 Camo Jacket. xx