Essential Winter Wear 2012/13 at Harper & Lewis Vintage


What snow?! Again?? In a perverse way I quite enjoy winter and its relentlessly frost bitten short days and long nights, come to think of it so should every other fashion junkie, because without it we wouldn’t have the chance to wrap up in an array of coats, jackets, jumpers, woolly hats and goodness knows what else. Winter fashion trends really do allow for much variety concerning outfits that summer just simply cannot afford you, and lucky for us, its here to stay for quite some time yet!

Our asos e-boutique is crammed full of vintage winter clothes for you to check out and get creative with such as the iconic sheep skin jacket , a winter clothing staple since the 60’s popular for its impenetrable fleece lined interior and undeniable retro character that oozes charm, style and charisma, this truly is THE winter vintage clothing item of 2012/13.

As well as big coats to brave the storm in theres  the layered look with jumper, jacket and shirt combinations abound to create a fantastic variety of outfits and trends. An oversized jumper paired with a jacket makes for a trendy yet cosy affair, our range of branded vintage denim jackets with fleece trim accessory and lined interior are perfect to use for this particular vibe during the colder months. So is winter really the great enabler? Will you have to shelve some of your favourite outfits at the end of April? If so I suggest that you get in quick!!