New Face at Harper & Lewis Vintage


Ladies and Gentlemen, dear vintage lovers – meet Reiss, new badboy in our team.

Reiss – meet Ladies and Gentlemen, the vintage lovers.

Check his first photo shoots on our ASOS Boutique!

Harper & Lewis Vintage, xx

Harper Lewis Vintage for ASOS Marketplace


Clothes Show Live 2013


25th edition of Clothes Show Lives is just around the corner and Harper & Lewis Vintage is going to be there again!  Vision Village, heart of the show – that’s where you’re gonna find us.

It all started in 1989 in London on the back of then famous television show which was designed to get the general public into high fashion.  Since 1990 the event has been held every December at Birmingham’s NEC. This year we are all going to celebrate its 25th birthday.

The Clothes Show turned out to be very influential in the fashion’s world. Designer Christopher Kane said “The Clothes Show made it feel more relevant, and also more accessible to the working class because of all the high street stuff. It definitely made me want to go study fashion at Central St Martins.”

Young new talents have frequently been hunted at the show by established model agencies – supermodels Naomi Campbell, Jodie Karen and Caprice have all walked the Fashion Theatre Catwalk. Caprice said “I’ve never experienced anything like it – Taking to the stage in front of 6,000 screaming people. It was amazing!”

The countdown to the UK’s largest and most talked about fashion and beauty event of the year is on and Harper & Lewis Vintage is getting ready to join the event this year again. You will be able to find our massive stand which is being designed and built at the moment. We are so excited!

Join us for a five day fashion festival packed with our selection of top vintage fashion beauties. You can also enjoy hair and beauty demonstrations, non-stop catwalk shows, makeovers, experts, trend reports, celebrities and next generation talent – everything under one roof.
Show you are into fashion – be at the heart of it for five days!
There are going to be few different zones in the Clothes Show Lives and you will have enough time to pop and see all of them. They include Beauty Hall, Vision Village (this is where we are), Fashion Fix (The Bazaar) or The Style Boutique.
The shopping areas will be dedicated to emerge styles and trends.


Opening times:

Friday 6th December  – 9am-6pm
Saturday 7th December – 9am-6.30pm
Sunday 8th December – 9am-6.30pm
Monday 9th December – 9am-6pm
Tuesday 10th December – 9am-6pm

How to get there:


Travelling to The NEC is easiest by public transport, but sometimes with all those shopping bags and friends to drop off, its easier to drive! The NEC is well sign-posted from the M6 (J4), the M42 (J6), the A45, A446 & M1. There is ample car parking (£10 per day for standard and disabled, £20 per day for NEC Express Parking). Shuttle buses operate between the car parks and the show. If you’re using a sat nav the postcode is B40 1NT.

Birmingham International is linked to The NEC by a short covered walkway. There are direct trains from many cities and a direct route from London Euston plus a comprehensive local service throughout the Midlands. If travelling by train, disembark at Birmingham International station. Access to The NEC takes 10-15 minutes and is linked with flat travelling escalators in places and lifts to move between floors. Tactile signage is fitted by the major areas.
Travel by train with London Midland to Clothes Show Live. 
NEC Birmingham is easily accessible by train with Birmingham International station connected to the NEC halls by a short covered walkway.  Up to 9 trains per hour run Monday to Saturday and up to 6 per hour on Sundays between Birmingham New St and Birmingham International, with many other services connecting to Birmingham International direct from London Euston and the north. Check train times and fares


Check your local paper for trips available or why not organise one yourself? For more details on group bookings call the designated team on 0800 358 0058. Coach parking costs £15 payable per day. See the seperate section on organised tours from a town near you.
CLOTHES SHOW LIVE TICKETS: Standard – £28 (+ £2 admin fee) 
Entrance to the Show, plus a seat in the Fashion Theatre.

Platinum – £40  (+ £2 admin fee) 

Entrance to the Show, fast track entry plus a platinum seat in the Fashion theatre, Show Guide and Show Bag.NUS Students – £25 (+ £2 admin fee) 
Entrance to the Show, plus a seat in the Fashion Theatre
Note: NUS student ID will be required to gain entry.

Clothes Show Live & Take Me Out Live + £18 & £25 to your ticket

Add to your booking once you have selected your Clothes Show Live tickets. Standard tickets £18 or upgrade to the best seats in the house for £25. Show dates 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th only.TAKE ME OUT LIVE TICKETS:Standard – £24.50 (+ £2 admin fee)
A dedicated seat for an evening of fun, laughs and entertainment hosted by Paddy McGuinness

VIP – £29.50 (+ £2 admin fee)

Upgrade your standard ticket for the best seats in the house


Please note children aged 0 – 5 are free to Clothes Show Live but must sit on an adult’s lap in the Fashion Theatre. There is no concessionary rate for children from the age of 6, they must pay the full adult price. All tickets to Take Me Out Live are at the rates above. Content featured within the Fashion Theatre may not be suitable for under 16s.
Check the Clothes Show 2013 website for more details –  What’s On
We can’t wait to see you all there vintage fashion lovers!
Remember – Vision Village is the place where we are at the Clothes Show 2013
Harper & Lewis Vintage, xx

Harper Lewis Vintage for ASOS MarketplaceCredits © Kinga Leftska

We did the Isle of Wight. Hell Yeah!

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I ♥ W

Harper Lewis Vintage for ASOS Marketplace

As probably most of you already know Harper & Lewis Vintage do some of the best festivals. It means we travel around the UK, no wait, actually around the whole Europe with our vintage stock. Yes, we let our customers to get the vintage beauties directly from our market!

We would like to share our experience, feelings and all the crazy stories we went through on tour. Well, mostly the stories. And the photos, which are maybe not of the best quality but that’s all we’ve got as souvenirs we can publish on the blog. As far as we can remember there are many of them. Read on if interested and curious; and remember – photos included 🙂

The first festival we did this year was the Isle of Wight Festival which obviously takes place on the Isle of Wight in South East England. It lasted from 13th to 16th June. We had to arrive there earlier of course to move our market in! How many of you were there with us??


  • June 11th, late evening

This is Gaz. Yes, you all know him. Our van is packed to the top and bursting at the seams! Gaz who is normally our full-time model is now our driver. Guess what is in the boxes? Well, simply a bit of everything! Everything you need at the festivals and everything you need when you’re back home. Anyway, we are now ready to leave the next day around midday!


  • June 12th, midday

Everything is double checked. Flozzza is still here. She spent the whole night watching our stock. We’re leaving our warehouse in the Brummieland all being excited because of the fact we are coming back to the IOW again! We are heading straight down to the island in a HEAVY rain and hitting the ferry at 6 p.m. Some of us suffer from seasickness (we cannot say who that person is 😀 ). Luckily we are all just fine and arrive at the campsite at 7.30p.m.  Oh wait, we are getting lost near Dover. Guess whose fault it is?! ONLY JOKING, Gary is a good driver and navigator. But still – we are getting lost! All yelling and terrified because of the fact we can miss the last ferry we finally find the right way. So yeah, we got there safe and sound:)


To whomever the tent belongs – we’d like to thank you for letting us to stay under its roof for one night 🙂

  • Late evening

We are finally here. It is too late to set the market up so we decide to sleep anywhere. Oh yeah, because we have no tents. So we find this empty market with no doors and no windows which is just by the sea and it is freezing cold outside. Actually being in this market means we are still outside. Sleeping on the lawn is a great fun anyway.


This is a hammer. Our hammer.


This is our market. Well, almost.

  • June 13th, early morning

We start the first morning on a campsite from setting the market up. It is going to be our shop, tent, home, dining room and everything for the next few days. Boys are working hard, pretending they are builders. Girls are working hard, hanging stock on the rails – they do not have to pretend anything, they are just gorgeous.


Floooooreeence is watching youuu!!


Well done boys’n’girls. Hooters and other bad boi’zz ready to be sold out ha!


  • Late afternoon

The market is ready to welcome all the vintage lovers. Our model Kinga joins us today so now we are here all together ready to serve you!


  • Late evening

Everything is finally in the right place now. We cannot wait to greet the first customers tomorrow!

  • Very late evening

Everyone seems to be asleep. We are looking for a party to join with no luck at all. Chatting till early hours in the morning then falling asleep in our cozy market! Well, most of us…


Peace in the morning!


  • June 14th, morning

It is windy. Very windy – way tooooooo windyyy! The opening of all the stalls is delayed.

Oh, and Gary says hi from his bed – bed for the champions. He just loves his van!


Waiting for the gates to be opened. Ready to rock!

  • Early afternoon

Here we go! The Sun is shining, the wind cannot kill anyone anymore, all the gates are opened, the crowd is heading our way! We are busy, yesss we are!


  • Late evening

Nick’s dinner time! We are so amazing we can manage to cook at the festivals ha! Absolutely beautiful chicken curry.

  • Very late evening

Two of us are going to see the first of the big headliners – the Stone Roses. Kinga sees the band for the third time in the last two weeks. No one knows why but she seems to be a little sick of the same line-up now! Enjoying the gig anyway 🙂

  • Late night

We are hitting the Hipshaker’s dancefloor. Rock’n’roll!! Photos not found. 😉


Gary’s new uniform – Harper & Lewis Vintage rules!!


  • June 15th, early morning

The Sun is shining, it’s 98 degrees in the shadow and we are walking into town to do some food shopping for tonight’s dinner. Festooned with all the heavy bags, we are walking back into the festival to open the market at 10.a.m. It should be just a boring and exhaustive long walk back but no, not for us. Kinga is gazing at something on her left hand side while walking and she is hitting the LAMPPOST. With her FACE. There are no more than 300 other people around her who see it. We are all lying on the ground, laughing. She is laughing with us. Good times! (Are you one of the witnesses?! 😀

The market is rolling up! What are you mostly interested in? Well – them Levi’s 501 cutoff shooooooooooortssssssss naturally!!!




Ben Howard ♥

  •  Afternoon

Kinga is off to see the Maccabees and Ben Howard. Good gigs she says!!



  • Evening

Nick’s dinner day two! What we’ve got tonight? The meatballssssss and spaghetti. The spaghettiiiiiiiiii omnomnomnomnommmmm.

iuhrw (5)


  • Late evening

We are going to see the Block Party (hell yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!) and a bit of the Killers. The Killers are finishing their performance with the explosion of the fireworks.

  • Late night

The Hipshaker – oh well… 🙂


Peace in the morning II

  • June 16th, morning

Gaz says hi ready for the last day of the festival!

What is going on today? We are having fun with all our customers – as always!!!

iuhrw (4)

Peace in the afternoon.

  • Afternoon

Kinga says hi in the afternoon. Paul is taking a photo. He says hi too! 🙂

(Here we should tell you the story of clicking one’s back but we will leave it…:) Any witnesses?? 😀 )


Where’s everyone?!

  • Evening

Nick’s dinner day 3! Lamb curry – LAMB CURRY! We love Nick’s meals!



  • Late night

We are all off to see Blondie. She is absolutely amazing!


Find Gaz in the photo.

  • Very late night

Kinga and Gaz are having a beer fight – both pretending that they are spraying the champagne on eachother to celebrate the whole festival, which we have to admit was a great fun!

  • Very very late night

Guess what?! Yes, we are at the hipshaker again. So sad it is the last night in here!!!


We’ve done it! We’ve done it again!!!

  • June 17th, morning

It always happens, sooner or later – time to leave… Where is the hammer?!

We spend few hours packing all the stock and getting ready for the trip back home.

Before getting into the ferry we are walking around Newport and popping in to one of the nice restaurants for some fish and chips, oh yeah!

 image[15] Zdjęcie1229 Zdjęcie1231

  • Afternoon

Bye bye Isle of Wight! We’re gonna miss you!


Our top sales man is sleepy – well, we don’t blame him!



  • Evening

We spend few hours waiting in a long queue on the motorway, getting home late in the evening!

iuhrw (7)-2

Peace in the evening


We’ve made a wish to come back there the next year! Have you done it?!

We’ll see you the next year IOW! So far – we need to get ready for the Roskilde Festival in Denmark now – boom town boom town!!

Stay tuned, H&L xxx

H&L – Behind the Scenes

Have a look at our command center! This is where we do our best to make you a happy owner of the vintage must have items in your wardrobe!

At Harper & Lewis Vintage we take pride in sourcing and grading the best vintage clothing from around the world. Located in Birmingham, we are the premier location for quality pre-owned clothing in the UK.  All the items in our warehouse have been hand-picked, they simply possess all those unique vintage characteristics that you all know and love!

If you’re a vintage lover discover the range of clothes we’ve got in stock now!

Happy shopping! H&L Vintage xx


Harper & Lewis Vintage



Each of these is waiting to be delivered to you!

Levi’s Shorts anyone?

Denim Jackets!

Leather Jackets!

Leather Jackets!

Men's Best Seller - Patterned Shirts

Patterned Shirts; one of men’s Best Sellers – they are so colourful it’s untrue!