Tis nearly 2013!


Harper Here šŸ™‚

So here at Harper & Lewis HQ, we’re all thinking about how to bring in the New Year! A few people are off celebrating in Paris, family parties, dinner with a loved one and a good ol’ p*** up down the local. How will you be celebrating yours?

Honestly, I couldn’t think of anything nicer than just spending it with my hubby over a nice meal and glass of champers. However, the real questions is WHAT DO I WEAR?

The three outfits that I get excited about every year as – Birthday, Christmas Day and New Years eve. Literally I start thinking about it when I shop and spot something nice even this early. Sooo I have two dresses to show off (both vintage of course), one is a ‘little black dress’ which is simple but stunning. Then there’s the bold print bodycon dress in cream and black – very eyecatching indeed!

Decisions Decisions… well we’ll keep you all posted with some outfit updates come January 1st… or make that January 2ndĀ dependentĀ on the hangover.